Kids Easter bonnet ideas

Making an Easter bonnet is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and the beginning of spring. You can make one for the little girl in your life to match the Easter dress she may be wearing. Some schools also have Easter parades where students make fun Easter bonnets to compete for prizes. You can make these from any material you have at home.


Purchase a bonnet at the store. These are typically made out of fabric or lace. You can often find them at department or children's clothing stores beginning in the spring. Purchase a length of ribbon to match the girl's dress. Make sure it is at least two inches wide. Wrap the ribbon around the crown of the hat, just above the brim. You can leave two tails hanging down the back of the hat if you wish. Glue a few artificial flowers to the ribbon in the front of the hat. Be sure the flowers also match the dress.

Straw Hat

Straw hats are a little more casual for an Easter bonnet, but they are no less adorable. Make the hat casual by purchasing ribbon in a gingham pattern; if you can't find ribbon, simply cut a piece of fabric several inches wide and hem the edges to create your own ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the hat above the brim; tie a knot in the back of the hat and leave the two ends hanging down. You could leave it like this, or add a bit more decoration through flowers or even a tiny artificial bird sitting on the brim.

Paper Plate Bonnet

You can use paper goods from your pantry if you need to come up with a hat at the last minute for your child to wear to school. Cut out the centre of a paper plate and discard the middle. The ring acts as the brim of the hat. Have your child decorate it with crayons and markers. Decorate the outside of a paper bowl. Once finished, put the bowl upside down and put the plate brim over it. You can add decorations by gluing a handful of green Easter grass to the top of the hat along with a few plastic eggs. Leave one egg open and place a fuzzy yellow chick inside to look like it is hatching.

Paper Mache Egg Bonnet

Blow up a large balloon until it is shaped like an egg. Cover it with several layers of paper mache, leaving a small portion at the bottom open. Allow it to dry. Once it is finished drying, pop the balloon and make sure the opening fits on the child's head. Paint the paper mache to look like an Easter egg. You can use one solid colour, or paint dots and stripes. Glue green Easter grass around the opening of the egg, where it sits on the head; this will make it appear that the egg is sitting in grass on the head.

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