One Year Marriage Anniversary Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

One-year marriage anniversaries are a big milestone in a couple's relationship, as they mark the end of the newlywed's first year together. Tradition for a first year anniversary is to give a paper gift, and there are a number of ideas for gifts that keep within the paper tradition. If you have a one-year marriage anniversary approaching, or you know a couple that does, learning some gift ideas can help you pick the right one.

Letters And Poems

A love letter or poem is a simple gift idea that incorporates the tradition of giving paper on the first anniversary. You could do a collection of popular or personal love letters and poems and have them bound in a book for your significant other, or frame a love letter to hang in your home.

Scrapbook Memories

Another thoughtful idea is making a scrapbook of your first year together. Collect things like photos, concert tickets, movie tickets, restaurant receipts or any little piece of memorabilia from the past year and stick them all in a photo or scrapbook album. If you have small items that won't fit in a scrapbook, consider a shadow box, which will hold paper and small items to display.

Personalised Stationary

For a couple you know celebrating their first anniversary, get them personalised stationary with their married names atop. Do a masculine style for the husband and feminine style for the wife, or find a style that is unisex that both would enjoy. The couple will love using stationary with their married titles atop, and you might even get a "Thank You" note on it later.

Paper Bouquets

Paper flowers is an idea that adds a twist on regular floral bouquets, while keeping with the first anniversary paper tradition. For a personalised touch, make your own flowers out of some tissue paper for flower buds and floral wire and green tape for stems. Many florists offer paper bouquets for first wedding anniversaries as well, so look around at shops in your area.

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens are something you can get your significant other for your anniversary, or that you can get a couple celebrating theirs. A certificate for a spa getaway or treatment provides for some romantic relaxation for the married couple. You can also give a certificate to a decor store the couple was registered with. For a romantic touch on your own first anniversary, make your significant other "Love Gift Certificates" that they can redeem for things like massages, kisses, hugs and even dates.

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