1-Year Anniversary Present Ideas for a Boyfriend

Despite what most men would have you think, it is far easier to shop for a woman than it is a man when it comes to anniversary gifts. An array of romantic gifts are acceptable for women including jewellery, flowers and candy -- not to mention the fact that advertisers gear anniversary gifts toward women. Never fear, though, there are plenty of gifts suitable for a first anniversary with your boyfriend. If you know his taste and have a few ideas you will find the perfect gift.


Jewellery gifts are often associated with women, but some men like jewellery too. Get your boyfriend a watch, cuff links or an earring. Have the jewellery engraved to add a personal touch. Ideas for engraving would include your anniversary date or a poetic or religious inscription. Getting a custom piece of jewellery made is also romantic. Have a jeweller design a watch or a special ring with your boyfriend's taste in mind.

Seduce Him

Gifts that are sexy or seductive are often well received by men. Keep his preferences in mind when buying gifts of this nature. Give your boyfriend a book of "love" coupons he can redeem on your anniversary and throughout the year. Buy new lingerie for your anniversary night. Plan a night with a romantic candlelit dinner and music.


Give your boyfriend a gift of a framed photo. Buy a nice frame and put a photo of you or the two of you together in it. You may also consider a sexy photo of yourself taken just for him. Make a scrapbook of photos from your time together or a photo montage set to a song you both like and put on a DVD.


Gadgets are a good gift if you know what your boyfriend likes. New electronic devices such as hand-held video game systems, electronic readers or cellphones are ideal. An avid golfer may like a new bag or cub. Other gadget gifts would include a Swiss army knife, lighter, flask or bottle opener. Engraving can make a gift such as a lighter or flask more personal. You could go basic and have just his name or initials engraved on something, or you can air in the romantic side and have your anniversary date or something poetic inscribed.

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