Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Writing thank you cards after your wedding can seem like a gruelling task, especially if you have a lot of notes to write. Following a basic plan for each note by filling in certain details helps get you through the process and appropriately thank your guests for their attendance and gifts. Use wording and a style that suits your personalities, the recipient of the note and the gift for which you're writing the note.

Formal Wording

Formal wording works if you don't know the gift giver very well, such as one of your mother-in-law's friends or your fiancé's boss. It's also appropriate to use formal wording if your wedding was formal. For example:

"Dear Mr. Bennett,

The crystal glasses you sent are amazingly beautiful. We sincerely appreciate the glasses and can't wait to entertain just so we can show them off.

It would have been lovely to meet you after all the wonderful things Evelyn has told us about you. We hope to meet you soon to thank you in person.


Michael and Sarah Evans"

Casual Wording

Casual wording is best for a low-key wedding or close friends and relatives that formal wording would seem awkward. It's still important to be specific on what you're thanking the person for, even though you can word your note in a more personal way. For example:

"Dear Aunt Sue and Uncle John,

We love the new sheet set you gave us. Thank you so much. Neither of us have ever slept on such soft sheets. We think of you every time we make the bed.

It was no nice to see you both at the wedding and we can't wait until you can come visit so we can spend more time with you.

With love,

Jenna and Ted"

Humorous Wording

Inject a bit of humour in your thank you cards if you're writing to someone with a sense of humour or the gift was out of the ordinary. Only use humorous wording if it feels comfortable for you and your fiancé, as well as the person to whom you are writing. Light wording also works for a gift you didn't particularly care for. For example:

"Dear Joe,

We will think of you every time we turn on our space lamp and imagine you staring at the stars on the ceiling with us. You'll have to come visit soon--and bring your space lamp so we can enjoy double the stars.

It was great seeing you again and we are so glad you could make it.


Kevin and Jodi"

For Monetary Gifts

The wording for a monetary gift or gift card is similar to the wording of thank you cards for items. Mention what you used the money for or what you plan to use it for without mentioning the amount. For example:

"Dearest Aunt Bessie,

Your generous gift was so thoughtful. We really appreciate your kindness and have been able to purchase a lovely crystal stemware set we've been eying for a while now. You'll have to join us for dinner soon so you can enjoy the glasses with us.

With love,

Kara and Joe"

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