What to plant with geraniums in pots

Updated February 21, 2017

Geraniums are colourful bedding plants desirable for their attractive appearance. The flowers come in a wide range of colours, from pastel shades to bold hues. The foliage is just as interesting, with leaves ranging from variegated to ruffled, heart-shaped and even scented. Geraniums grow well in containers and are sometimes grown indoors. Pair your potted geraniums with plants that will complement the colour and size of your geraniums with the same care needs.


Lavender, like geraniums, grows best in full sun and soil that is allowed to dry out a little before watering. The tall, slender purple flower stalks of lavender look stunning when surrounded by the smaller, bushier shape of pink and purple geraniums. In addition, although some geraniums have pleasantly scented foliage, the flowers of all geraniums exhibit an unpleasant scent. Lavender, on the other hand, has a pleasant scent that will mask the unfortunate scent of the geranium blooms.


Tuck geraniums in around the edges of your container-planted roses, and they will help protect the roses from Japanese beetles. Some dwarf bush roses grow very well in containers as long as they have full sunlight and well-draining soil -- two requirements that are also necessary for geraniums to grow well. Miniature roses are also a good choice for a pot. Since roses are perennials, you will not have to replace them once you plant them in the pot, although you will have to replace the geraniums.


Many home gardeners enjoy growing vegetables in containers. Growing vegetables in containers is an excellent way to maximise space, especially for home gardeners with a small garden -- or even apartment dwellers who don't have a garden at all, but do have a sunny balcony. Plant geraniums around your tomatoes, cabbage and peppers, and watch them repel deadly Japanese beetles, leaf hoppers and cabbage worms.


Verbena are fast-growing, spreading flowers with a long blooming period. They look stunning cascading over the edge of a pot. The low-growth habit of verbena makes an excellent frame for taller geraniums. Plant geraniums in the middle of your pot, and then surround them with verbena. Create an enjoyable patriotic display for your summer landscape by choosing red and white geraniums and blue verbena.

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