Most Thoughtful Gifts for a Best Friend

Updated April 17, 2017

Giving your best friends thoughtful gifts is a wonderful way to show them that you appreciate everything they have done for you. As your best friends are the people in life who support you no matter what, they deserve to be shown some gratitude. Whether your gift is small or large, it's the thought and time you put into the gift that shows your best friends how much they mean to you.

Photo Album

Create a photo album containing all of the photos you and your best friend have taken throughout your entire friendship. Make it special and thoughtful to your friendship by placing things that define the two of you. For example, if both of you have always enjoyed shopping together, place receipts, coupons, advertisements and shopping bag cut-outs in your photo album to add a personal aspect. You can even cut your photos into the shapes of price tags and deliver it to your best friend in a shopping bag from her favourite store.


Take your best friend to a concert of his favourite band and make a day of it. Start by getting together and enjoying lunch at his favourite restaurant. Then watch a movie in your best friend's favourite genre. Afterwards, go shopping together at your best friend's favourite store, then head over to the concert. You can make the gift extra thoughtful by buying your best friend memorabilia from the concert so that he can always remember this thoughtful day.

Mix CD

Make a mix CD for your best friend containing her favourite songs. If you do not know enough songs to create an entire CD, take the time to ask your best friend questions about genres, bands and songs she enjoys. But be sly -- ask questions over a period of days or weeks to fill your list. After you complete the CD, find a thoughtful way to deliver it to your best friend. For example, you may play it on the way to a concert you're taking your best friend to or while showing her the photo album you have made.


Nothing shows your appreciation like giving your best friend a thoughtful letter telling how much he means to you. Do not write it based on a few nice quotes you have heard before, but write from your heart and express your appreciation to your best friend.

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