Wedding flowers in season in June

Updated July 19, 2017

June is the busiest time of year for weddings. When choosing wedding flowers, it is important to choose flowers that are in season. Some of the most common wedding flowers blooming in June include the lily, carnation, baby's breath and hydrangea. Bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements can be created with a combination of June flowers.

Choosing flowers

Different flowers may be in bloom depending on the location of the wedding. The couple can check with local florists in advance to determine the best flowers for a wedding. In some cases, florists can order common wedding flowers even if they are not in bloom locally.


Lilies in bloom for a June wedding include calla lily, casa blanca lily and stargazers. Calla lilies are typically white with a yellow stigma or stamen. Other available colours include pink and purple. The flower petals create a round, cone-like shape.

The casa blanca lily has white petals that curl over at the ends. Petals can be all white or dotted with dark colours. The innermost part of the petals may be tinted pink. The stigma and stamen vary in colours from white to brownish-red.

The stargazer lily is a vibrant flower with deep pinks and reds. Flower petals typically are dotted with darker colours. The stamen and stigma are dark yellow. Petals may curl at the end.


Carnations blooming in June are available in a wide range of colours. Typical carnation colours include red, yellow, white and pink. Some carnation varieties are marbled with several colours. Carnations have tight petals. When bound together, the bouquet takes on a spherical shape.

Baby's Breath

Baby's breath is a small, white flower typically used as an accent in wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. Pink, purple and red varieties also are available. Baby's breath can be bound together to create a wedding bouquet that looks like a cloud.


Hydrangeas are available in pink, purple, blue and green. The flowers grow in small bunches. Bunches can be bound together to create a large, round wedding bouquet. Larger bunches can be separated to create small boutonnières and corsages for the wedding party.

Alternatives to Common Wedding Flowers

Wild flowers are an inexpensive alternative to wedding flowers. The day of the wedding, ask wedding attendants to collect wild flowers and bind them together with ribbon. The bouquet can be presented to the bride immediately before walking down the aisle.

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