One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Updated February 21, 2017

The first anniversary is a momentous occasion for a couple who marks the completion of a year together. Dating couples celebrate the milestone event privately to reflect on the previous year, welcome the future and spend quality time together. Consider a special and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend when celebrating the anniversary that expresses your love for him and commitment to the relationship.

First-Year Scrapbook

Give your boyfriend a scrapbook that chronicles events from the past year and preserves them so you can treasure them forever. Look for memorable photos of you and your boyfriend from the past year, along with memorabilia he will remember, and paste the items on sheets of paper. Embellish each page with romantic stickers, quotes and love notes. Arrange the sheets of paper in chronological order along with a caption under each or your memory of the event. Write a romantic love letter to your boyfriend, citing reasons why you love him and how your life has changed after meeting him, and paste it in the scrapbook. Leave a couple of pages at the end of the scrapbook empty to paste photos of your anniversary celebration.

Personal Hobby Basket

One year together gives you insight on your boyfriend's tastes and likes. Impress your sweetheart with a basket filled with items he likes so you can show him you understand and know him. For instance, a boyfriend who has a sweet tooth will welcome assorted candies from around the world in his favourite colour. An avid golfer will appreciate professional golfing lessons to improve his game, a personalised golf cap, decorative club covers, scorecards, ball markers and golf balls.

Recreate the Past

Recreate an important scene from the past, such as your first dinner, to revive memories of the evening. Inform the managers of the restaurant that you and your boyfriend went to on that special night so they reserve the same table for you, if possible. Wear the same dress, if you still have it, or another in the same colour. Ask the management to play a famous song from last year, or to play a list of your boyfriend's favourite songs. Your boyfriend will appreciate the effort you put into recreating details of that night on your anniversary.

Personal Item

Make your boyfriend a personal item that shows off your talent and reminds him of you whenever he uses it. For instance, if you are good with knitting needles, knit your sweetheart a scarf or sweater in his favourite colour or team's colours. Sew him a blanket cover or pillowcase with his and your initials across the front or a phrase, such as "Property of ___ (Your Name)".

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