The 10 Best Strollers

Updated April 17, 2017

Baby strollers are essential in transporting your baby during errands. When selecting a stroller, you want to get one that is easy to push, comfortable for you and the baby, easy to store and within your price range. Some parents use the strollers as a part of their jogging routine. This lets the baby enjoy being outside while the parent gets some exercise. The prices cited are as of February 2011.

Over £520 Price Range

Priced at £584, the Bugaboo Camelon is a trendy stroller with large wheels. The stroller has a suspension system, adjustable handlebar and sun shield, and comes in a variety of colours. It also functions as newborn carrier, beach stroller, carrycot and car seat stroller.

Priced at £585, the Orbit Infrant System can be folded with one hand. This stroller has a 360 carrier rotation. The design of the stroller includes infant carrier, infant seat and toddler seat.

$500 -- £520 Price Range

Priced at £454, the Phil & Ted Vibe is a functional three-wheeled stroller. It contains attachments that transform the stroller from a single stroller to one that can handle up to two toddlers. This stroller has several folding options for storage.

Priced at £356, the Quinny Buzz resembles a traditional baby bassinet. The large wheels assist the smooth ride for the children.

Priced at £356, the Mountain Buggy Urban Single stroller has three aerodynamic wheels. The tires are air filled, making pushing the stroller effortless. It is very easy to fold with its compact design.

Priced at £343, the Bob Revolution Duallie is a double stroller with three large wheels.

$300 -- £324 Price Range

Priced at £233, the Bumbleride Flyer has the traditional stroller look. It is available in five colours and includes a plush washable seat. The handle design lets you switch the stroller instantly from forward to rear facing.

Under £194

Priced at £96, the Graco MetroLite has the traditional look of strollers. This stroller is easy to collapse and contains a large lower basket for storage.

Priced at £113, the Maclaren Triumph is lightweight and folds with one hand. This stroller fits easily in your car's boot and your closet.

Priced at £96, the Chicco Cortina is a traditional stroller with adjustable handles. It folds up when time to collapse.

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