Gift Ideas for Students from Teachers

Updated February 21, 2017

It is commonplace for students to bring presents to the teacher; however, imagine the delight of the class when the teacher turns the tables and gives a gift to each student. Whether the item is for a job well done, in observance of a holiday or a year-end treat, there are several options available when an educator decides to give a gift to her students.


Books are always appropriate gifts for a teacher to give to his students. After all, the student/teacher relationship is based on education. Gifts such as crossword puzzles, word searches, math puzzles and hidden picture books are all scholastic and fun as well. Picture books, early readers, middle grade novels and magazines for kids encourage reading and engage students' minds in positive ways. Journals are also a possibility, encouraging students to do the writing themselves as opposed to simply reading the words of others.


Kids love to pass time playing games. Games inspire their competitive spirit and encourage students to think logically. Card games such as Snap, Old Maid, Go Fish and others are inexpensive presents that provide hours of entertainment. Checkers, pickup sticks, jigsaw puzzles and bingo are other games teachers can often find at dollar stores --- an affordable place to shop for students. Jacks and marbles are possibilities for children that are old enough to play with them without putting them in their mouths.


Toys are a hit with kids who may be expecting an educational gift from the teacher. Sometimes kids just want to be kids. High bouncing balls, skipping ropes, lightweight plastic bats and balls, frisbees and toy cars are all possibilities. Inexpensive dolls for girls and action figures for boys are popular with younger children. Small, cuddly stuffed animals are always welcome, and encourage children to enter a world of make-believe.

Art Supplies

Kids love artistic gifts that allow them to express themselves creatively. Sidewalk chalk, colouring books, crayons, drawing pads and magic markers are options. Finger paints for little ones give them a chance to get messy while they create a masterpiece. Play-Doh and clay provide the opportunity to mould anything children can conceive of. A gift of scissors, a glue stick and construction paper also prompt students to make a variety of items to decorate the classroom or their bedrooms.

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