Car Mechanic Qualifications

Updated February 21, 2017

Car mechanics make repairs, inspect and maintain automobiles. The duties for a car mechanic include engine repairs, oil changes, tire rotations and highly technical repairs on the vehicle's computers and electronic systems. The education for an automobile technician or mechanic includes training programs sponsored by automobile dealers. Mechanics must have the technical skills to diagnose and repair vehicle problems and damage.

Vocational Training Program

Vocational training programs instruct prospective car mechanics in high school. The programs prepare the student to enter the field as an entry level technician in an automotive garage.

Degree Programs

Students can enter a certificate or degree program after high school to prepare for a career as an automobile mechanic. A car mechanic with a certificate or associate's degree in automotive repair completes classroom courses as well as hands-on training. A community college degree program in automotive mechanics is updated frequently to include new technology, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The degree program also includes English, computer and mathematics courses.

Job Skills

A car mechanic must be analytical and have knowledge about various makes and models of cars. Automotive technicians must have good communication skills to explain repair issues to customers in non-technical language. Computer skills are necessary to work in the office and use advanced diagnostic equipment.

Continuing Education

Car mechanics must pursue additional education to remain current in automotive technology. Automotive mechanics may also pursue certification to enhance job opportunities and education. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certifies car mechanics in various areas of automotive repair such as brake systems, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, engine repair and suspension and steering. Car mechanics may be certified in one or all of the different areas of automotive repair.

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