School-Appropriate Persuasive Speech Topics

Updated February 21, 2017

A persuasive speech is read to a group of people in an attempt to persuade them into your way of thinking on a certain topic. These speeches can be part of a public speaking class, debate team or assembly. School-appropriate topics can include hot topics in the education system such as smoking in school and school violence. You can choose a sample topic to write on, or use them to get ideas and come up with your own persuasive speech topic.

Dating and PDA in School

Most schools have rules regarding public display of affection (PDA) including holding hands, kissing and flirting. Many argue that some forms of PDA should be allowed, depending on the age of the students. Others argue that PDA is inappropriate for a school setting and does nothing but distract students from learning. The punishment for PDA varies from detention to suspension and even expulsion. Discuss what should be allowed or disallowed and what the punishment should be for breaking the rules.

Body Piercings in School

Body piercings are common among students of all ages, especially those in the high school level. Many schools ban students from having piercings anywhere other than their ears. Students, parents and educators all have their own view on whether piercings should be allowed. Arguments range from people who believe body piercing shouldn't be made an issue to those who think it should be banned completely because it is a distraction and could be considered gang-related. Discuss your view on whether piercings should be allowed in schools.

Cell Phones and Driving

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that people who drive while using a cell phone are four times as likely to get into an accident. Most cell phone-related accidents are involve students between the ages of 16 and 24. Many people believe that cell phone usage while driving should be outlawed completely while others argue that it's important to be able to use a cell phone while driving under certain circumstances. Argue for or against the use of cell phones while driving, discussing with the severity of the punishment.

Teenage Pregnancy

Despite an overall decline in teen pregnancies and births in recent decades, the number of girls who do get pregnant in their teenage years continues to be troubling. Schools attempt to prevent these pregnancies by offering sexual education classes. Some think these classes are helpful while others think they promote sex and make students more interested in experimenting. The same viewpoints are held when it comes to schools providing condoms to students. Evaluate the effectiveness of sexual education classes and what could be done alternatively to keep teenage students from becoming pregnant.

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