Gifts for a Daughter From a Dad

Updated April 17, 2017

For dads, it's not easy to watch their little girls grow up, although they are always proud to see them grow into independent individuals. For fathers that may have a hard to expressing their feelings or emotions to their daughters, you can say all you want to say with a special birthday gift. Surprise your daughter with a heartfelt gift that shows her she will always be daddy's little girl.

Daddy's Little Girl Pics

Give your daughter a picture of you holding her when she was just a little baby, in a personalised photo frame. The frame could say "Daddy's Little Girl." Another idea is to have the frame engraved with her birth date and something along the lines of "The day my life changed for the better." You could also give her a figurine of a dad and a little girl.


Give your daughter a charm bracelet with charms on it that represent her favourite things. Include a heart charm and tell your daughter that it represents your heart, which she will always have. You could also give her a necklace with a heart pendant on it. Present your daughter with a tennis bracelet or diamond earrings will let her know you are the number-one man in her life.

Inspirational Books

For the daughter that loves to read, give her a book that expresses the love between a daughter and her dad. Even if she is an adult, you can get her a father-daughter children's book, such as "A Gift for My Daughter," by Mike Yaconelli, which gives fatherly advice to little girls. Other appropriate books include "Why a Daughter Needs a Dad: 100 Reasons," and "Daddy's Little Girl," a collection of father-daughter stories, both by Gregory E. Lang.

A Car

If your daughter is a teenager who just got her driver's license or just graduated from high school, the ultimate gift you could give her is her own car. This gift will be even better if you've always told her she would have to buy her own car. You don't have to buy her a brand-new car; she'll be thrilled to get the old family car if she was not expecting anything at all. Have a big red bow wrapped around the car.

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