Teaching Ideas for Color Decorations to Hang in a Preschool Classroom

Written by laura gianino
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Teaching Ideas for Color Decorations to Hang in a Preschool Classroom
Make your classroom colourful by hanging your preschoolers' artwork. (Polka Dot/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Encourage preschoolers to display their colourful artwork in the classroom. Hang colourful decorations and drawings of your preschoolers' art projects. Incorporate learning and decorating together in the classroom. Focus your lessons on learning the colours of the rainbow, painting with watercolours, the importance of the environment and holiday traditions.


Make your classroom colourful with the colours of the rainbow. Teach students an easy way to remember their colours, such as introducing the acronym ROY G. BIV, where each letter stands for a colour: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Have every student draw his own rainbow to hang in the classroom or get the class involved in an art project where they create a large rainbow for one of the classroom walls. Take a large piece of drawing paper and outline a rainbow. Have students work on colouring the project throughout the week. When the drawing is complete, hang the rainbow in the classroom for students to admire their work.


Spend a day in the classroom on a painting lesson. Teach students how to paint with watercolours. Show them how colours can mix together to create a new colour or how adding more or less water will make the paint lighter or darker. Distribute white construction paper to every student and allow creativity to run wild. Each student may draw whatever he likes, or you may suggest an animal theme where every student draws his favourite animals or a seasonal theme with nature drawings students may complete with the change of each season. Hang drawings from the classroom ceiling by attaching hooks or clips to ceiling tiles. Tape string to the back of each painting and tie a loop to the end of the string to hang art work from the hooks.


Teach a lesson on the importance of keeping a clean environment. Talk about the importance of fresh air and clean water. Explain what happens to the environment when we pollute and encourage recycling. Help preschoolers to decorate the classroom in an Earth theme. Students may draw or paint pictures of the Earth, recycling symbols, or nature themes. Have students gather items from nature to make a collage. Students may press flowers, collect leaves and tree bark and glue them to construction paper to hang in the classroom.


Decorate the classroom in a holiday theme. Teach the importance of celebrations and traditions. For Thanksgiving, students may make lists or draw a picture of something for which they are most thankful. Have students create a turkey hand by tracing their hands and using various coloured markers and construction paper to decorate their turkey. In December, discuss Christmas and Hanukkah traditions. Create a large, construction paper menorah to hang to the classroom wall or notice board. Over the eight days of Hanukkah, have students use orange construction paper to tape a "flame" to each candle. Use green construction paper to create a Christmas tree to affix to the wall. Students may colour and cut their own ornaments to tape to the tree.

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