Ideas to bake a baby shower cake

Updated November 21, 2016

A baby shower isn't complete without an edible cake for the guests and guest of honour to enjoy. When possible, centre the cake around the theme of the party or include the colours from the shower decorations in the cake's icing. Use the baby shower invitation as an inspiration for the cake design.

Onesie Cake

Onesies are a versatile newborn necessity, no matter the season. Consider creating a baby onesie cake for the upcoming shower by mixing a cake batter from store-bought mix or a cookbook. Bake the mix according to package directions in a 13-by-9-inch cake pan. When the cake has cooled completely, place it in a cold refrigerator or freezer for about 20 minutes. This tactic makes it easier to cut and keeps stray crumbs from finding their way into the icing. Shape the cake to appear as a onesie by cutting out leg and neck arcs as well as shaping the sleeves. Decorate with icing and present for guests to enjoy.

Baby Quilt Cake

A baby quilt cake is an option when the gender of the baby is unknown. In a sheet pan or a large cake pan, bake a packaged or homemade cake mix according to the given recipe directions. When completely cooled, frost the cake with white icing and smooth with a clean spatula dipped in warm water. Roll and cut out various fondant shapes with fondant cutters in many colours to decorate each of six to 12 quilt squares on the cake. Some squares can be a solid colour by dying icing with food colouring and applying it to sections of the sheet cake. Pipe icing over the lines separating the cake quilt squares with a decorative icing tip for a polished look.

Baby Crib Cake

The baby crib cake appears as one made by an experienced baker, but it is not as difficult as it may seem. Bake two cake mixes each in 13-by-9-inch cake pans and layer with icing on a cake stand. Ice the top and all sides of the cake in a pastel shade depending on the baby's gender or shower theme. Adorn the cake with a baby rattle and sheet of fondant crinkled to look like a baby blanket. Cut two crib sides, a high crib back and a lower crib front from pieces of cardboard, slatted and wrapped in white paper. Arrange the crib panels around the cake, stuck to the icing, to appear as a baby's crib.

Baby Blocks

A baby block cake consists of three cubical layer cakes set in a pyramid. Bake one sheet cake and cut it into six equally-measured pieces. Layer two pieces of the cake together with icing, three times, to create three cake cubes. Stack the confection blocks into a pyramid shape and ice each side of the cube, except for the bottoms, or cover with fondant. Adorn with icing or fondant letters, shapes and the baby's name and outline each side with a different colour piped icing or fondant strips to appear as alphabet blocks.

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