What steam mop do you use to clean laminate floors?

Updated February 21, 2017

Laminate floors are floors made of resins and plastic that resemble natural wood. Laminate is cheaper than natural wood and it is more difficult to stain and get dirty. Laminate flooring can be tricky to clean, however. Only use the proper products for steam cleaning laminate floors.

What Kind of Mops to Use

Only use mops that were specifically designed to use on laminate floors. These mops will not apply too much water to the floors. When you apply too much water, the water will leak through the laminate and can cause it to buckle or rot. Mops designed for use on laminate floors will advertise this. These mops use as little water as possible to clean the floor and are therefore permissible to use.

Identifying Steam Mops

Steam mops are different from steam cleaning machines. Steam cleaning machines have a large tank and body. They are generally heavy machines with a wide foot. Steam mops have a long thin handle attached to a plastic foot. The foot will be covered in terrycloth. The steam will pass through the terrycloth and onto the laminate floor.

How to Use Steam Mops

To use a steam mop, pull the terrycloth or microfiber cloth over the plastic foot of the steam mop. Some cloths will have an elastic around them, and others you will have to tie or hook and loop tape into place. Turn the machine on, and let it heat up. A light on the steam mop will indicate whether or not it has reached temperature. Depress the trigger to release the steam, and push the mop over the surface of the laminate. The cloth will pick up the loosened dirt and the floor will dry quickly.


Any steam cleaning machine will emit very hot steam vapour that can burn skin easily. For this reason, keep the steam mop away from children or pets when you are working to prevent accidents. Always wear gloves and shoes to prevent burning yourself.

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