Free Sunday School Crafts & Lessons for Kids

Written by brenda priddy | 13/05/2017
Free Sunday School Crafts & Lessons for Kids
Use online resources to find free lessons and crafts for Sunday school. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Teaching Sunday school can be a challenge. It is hard to find time to come up with effective lessons week after week. However, many online sites offer free resources to be used in teaching children about God in ways that are educational and enjoyable. Choose a topic based on the lesson you want to communicate and the children's age.

Ministry-to-Children contains resources for lesson plans and crafts for Sunday school classes of all ages. You can search for a lesson or craft using a search bar, or choose from a list of topics, such as Easter, Moses, Lent, Jesus, creation or preschool-specific lessons. The crafts are included in the lesson plans, or you can visit the craft page and find a relevant craft for a lesson that you already have.

EBibleTeacher is another source of Sunday school lessons for kids of all ages. You can choose lessons by Old Testament or New Testament, or by topics such as anger, Bible stories, commitment, faith, the role of the church, and humility. There are a few resources for crafts that are activity-based, such as designing greeting cards for the elderly, writing a book, or making a newspaper based on the lesson.

Applesauce Kids offers free Sunday school crafts and lessons. It contains many object lessons that contain tricks and illusions to help illustrate principles from the Bible. The site also has instructions for several crafts, including Snowball Easter Craft and a corn-growing craft for a lesson about faith. This site also has a few lessons for adult Sunday school.

Christian Preschool Printables

Christian Preschool Printables is geared toward Sunday school classes for very young children. The crafts and activities on this site can be completed by that age group. Most of the crafts revolve around printing pictures or lessons and then colouring it or completing it in the class. This site does not contain Sunday school lessons, but it provides a wealth of printable material on many topics and holidays.

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