Fun games for a husband & wife

Updated February 21, 2017

Couples party games can be a fun way for husband and wife to get to know each better and learn what the other likes or dislikes. Some games can be played with other couples at parties and are meant to make everyone laugh. Other games for husband and wife were made to be played alone and are intimate and sensual. Either way you plan to play the games, they teach you more about your significant other.

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes is a game for small groups at a party. Invite over other couples and try to outwit each other. In the game, teams are separated by gender and are asked questions that are stereotypically gender oriented. The women are asked questions that usually only men know the answer, such as how to change a tire. Men get questions such as how to blow dry hair. Couples will laugh and battle each other for title of the "superior sex."

Romantic Rendezvous

Romantic Rendezvous is two games in one, and husband and wife can play both games at once or separately. The board game has sexy activities the couple performs while the card game has personal questions to boost communication. Meant to be played when the couple is alone, Romantic Rendezvous can be played to bring couples closer together. If they are only in the mood for some intimate fun, they can play the board game. If they want a more affectionate evening, they can play the card game.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Also a best-selling book, the Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus board game from Mattel takes a look at gender stereotypes. It is not a game for roaring laughter, but more for getting to know each other and your friends. A player reads a question and team members guess what they think the player's answer will be. When the answer is revealed, it can easily start a conversation in which the player talks more about themselves.

Passion: Closer Together

The Passion game mixes eroticism with fun and laughter. Not only do husband and wife get to try out fun activities on each other, but they actually challenge each other to win. The winner gets favour cards, for more lustful fun, while the loser gets penalty cards. The game is meant to be played when the couple is alone.

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