Christian Children's Crafts for the Last Supper

Updated March 23, 2017

The Easter holiday gives children lessons in various aspects of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, including the Last Supper with Christ and his disciples. During children's Bible classes, they can work on crafts to help reinforce the lesson of the Last Supper. Crafts help children learn the story at an age-appropriate level.

Last Supper Coloring

Colouring pictures of the Last Supper is one craft option available for children. The teachers can print pictures from the Internet or use pictures in a colouring book and make enough copies for the whole class. Provide children with crayons or coloured pencils and allow them to colour the image.

Foam Craft

The class can make foam Last Supper crafts using various coloured craft foam, patterns of Jesus and the disciples, glue and a background paper or piece of foam. The teacher or older children can cut out the patterns in various colours of foam. The children can glue the images to a piece of paper. Put the table in the middle, Jesus at the head and the disciples around the table. The teacher or the children can use a marker to add the proverb or Bible verses to the project.

Keychain Craft

Children can create their own bread of life during a lesson on the Last Supper. Let the children form a piece of bread or a loaf of bread out of clay. With a straw, poke a hole through the loaf or slice of bread while the clay is still wet. The teacher or older children can cut foam in about the same size as the bread and use a hole punch to put a hole in one corner. On the foam, the teacher or children can write "Jesus is the bread of life" with a permanent marker. When the clay bread dries, put the bread and foam onto a key ring.

Last Supper Puzzle

A puzzle will remind the children how Jesus gathered the disciples together for the Last Supper. Children can colour a picture of the Last Supper and paste the paper to a piece of cardboard or thick paper. They can create a puzzle by cutting the picture into pieces.

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