Fairy Godmother Ideas for an Adult Costume

Updated November 21, 2016

A fairy godmother costume is the perfect accompaniment to a little girl's "Cinderella" costume. The fairy godmother is a grandmotherly figure who dressed in a long blue robe with a hood. It's an easy costume to make and will perfectly complement the little girl in your life who will be dressed as "Cinderella." In this classic fairy tale that was brought to life by Walt Disney, "Cinderella" wished for a way to the ball and the fairy godmother made it happen.

Hair and Makeup for Fairy Godmother

Options for a fairy godmother hairstyle include wearing a silver, white or grey wig or covering your hair with white or silver temporary hairspray. If you do not want to go grey for the costume, pull your hair into a bun, or wear a white nightcap or pointed princess hat.

Keep make-up for your fairy godmother fairly simple. Add glitter eye liner or shadow and pink blush.

Fairy Godmother Dress Ideas

Start with a blue formal dress, such as an old bridesmaid gown, oversized nightgown, a thrift store wedding dress dyed blue or a blue graduation gown. "Cinderella's" fairy godmother had a hood. Cut a piece of shiny blue material into a long rectangle shape that will go over the head and hang down to the elbows and down to the middle of your back.


Tie a pink scarf or long piece of pink silky material around your neck to hold the hood in place; this also creates a cape-like effect over the shoulders. Tie the scarf in a regular bow like you would tie a shoelace bow.

Wear white or pink ballerina slippers, white gloves and a pearl necklace and earrings.

Fairy Godmother Wand

A fairy godmother costume is not complete without a magic wand. Either purchase a child's toy wand or make your own by attaching a wood or cardboard star shape to a dowel. Paint and embellish with glitter and ribbons.

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