Dad & Daughter Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

"Daddy's little girl" is an expression heard often when referring to a dad and his daughter. The special relationship deserves acknowledgement around certain holidays such as Father's Day and a daughter's birthday. Adding personal touches when choosing a gift for dad or daughter will give them something they can cherish and look back on when they are grown.

Matching Shirts

Give the gift of a matching set of shirts for a dad and his daughter. The gift can be given to a dad on Father's Day including funny sayings on each shirt that go together or a recent photo of the father and daughter printed on the front of the shirt. Some sayings for shirts can include dad's shirt saying "Team Daddy" and the daughter's shirt saying "I'm on Daddy's Team" or dad's shirt saying "I'm a Happy Dad" and the daughter's shirt saying " Happy Kid." Matching sets are perfect for a dad who isn't afraid to show off the love he has for his little girl.

Personalised Photo Frames

Choose a perfect photo of the two of you and display it in a beautiful personalised frame. This is a perfect idea for a dad or daughter to give to each other. Select a frame that already has words on it like "Daddy's Girl" or visit a personalised store that sells frames that can be engraved on. sells a mix of different-sized frames that can be personalised by adding an engraved saying to the top, bottom or side of the frame. For smaller children, purchase frame-making kits and have them decorate the frame using paints, beads, feathers or other craft materials.

Quality Time

Dads may tell their daughters that the best gift they can give them is some quality time spent together. Daughters can arrange a day together from morning until night devoted to just her and dad. Daughters can arrange activities according to their dad's preferences such as golfing, canoeing, playing a game or just going on a drive and having a picnic. Quality time together is hard to come by when daughters grow up and have school, work and social activities constantly going on, so this time together will be something dads will enjoy and cherish.


A poem plaque containing a space for a small photo is a thoughtful gift for first-time dads or for a mother to give to a father from his small daughter. creates these personal plaques that can be hung up in dad's office or home. The plaques can be personalised with a photo, name and chosen poem. The type of print used on the frame can be childlike for younger daughters or script style for older daughters. Plaques can be personalised with your own poem.

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