Furniture Painting Courses

Updated November 21, 2016

Whether you want to paint an old, worn piece of furniture to give it a fresh, new look, or you want to learn how to decorate a piece of furniture with paint techniques, there are several ways to learn how to master your project. Some paint stores and home improvement stores offer furniture painting courses. Alternatively, you may want to attend a course at a technical college or learn on online by watching a step-by-step video.

Dundean Studios in New Jersey

Dundean Studios, located in Chatham, NJ, offers a two-day course on painting furniture. Students learn how to apply finishes that replicate a distressed, worn look. The course begins with a lesson on preparing a piece of furniture to be painted, and moves on to learning how to do several different kinds of finishes. Students practice on panels, mouldings, and their own furniture pieces. On a Monday and Tuesday evening, you also learn how to prime and paint antique kitchen cabinets.

Classes in Europe

Interior Affairs has classes in Hampshire, England and Indre-et-Loire in France. One class covers ageing and contemporary finishes. The other class teaches decorative and folk art painting techniques which you can apply to furniture pieces. Students taking this workshop learn how to paint flowers, ribbons and some Swedish designs. They also receive instruction on applying glaze and varnish as finishing touches to the work.

Home Improvement Store Workshops and Technical Colleges

Many home improvement stores offer workshops on projects such as painting furniture. Contact your local home improvement stores and ask if they offer a class on how to paint furniture. If they don't, suggest they offer a class on painting furniture. Some technical and trade colleges offer courses on painting furniture. The Technical College of the Lowcountry in Beaufort, SC, for example, offers a course on faux furniture painting and provides instruction in both basic and advanced techniques to apply to your own piece of furniture.

Step-by-step Instructions Online

If you want to learn on your own or can't commit to a class schedule, you can access step-by-step instructions online. Websites such as HGTV offer several articles on painting furniture. Check out Do-It-Yourself websites. You can also search for videos on how to paint furniture by using sites such as You Tube.

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