Homemade 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone for couples and should be recognised thoughtfully. While a 25th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of silver or associated with the iris flower, homemade anniversary gifts can add a more personal touch than a conventional present. Keep the history of the couple in mind when making them the perfect gift.

Time Capsule

Create a basket or a decorative box that includes items from the year the couple was married. Decorate the box, paint "Happy 25th Anniversary" on the front and include their wedding date and the present date. Include items such as music and movies that were popular during that year, various food and candy items that have ties to that year or even a trivia book or game. As a finishing touch, find a wedding photo of the couple and insert it into a silver frame engraved with their names, wedding date and anniversary years.


Tell the story of the couple's relationship by creating a scrapbook of memories. Include photos of the couple at family events, special occasions, their wedding and any past wedding anniversary parties. If you have any receipts, stubs or tickets from events, place them in the scrapbook next to the corresponding pictures. Ask relatives where the couple went on their first date and provide a gift token to that restaurant or some other gift pertaining to that date.


If you are artistic, consider making a painting or writing a poem to give as a gift. Use a scene from a picture that is important to the couple--such as one from their wedding day, their first date or their children--and paint from the photo. Print a poem in silver ink on heavy paper about the couple's relationships, hardships or family. Place these items in silver frames to keep with the traditional sense of a 25th anniversary.

Candle Holder

Make an elegant candle holder for the couple to use over candlelight dinners during anniversaries or other special occasions. Decorate the holder with silver items to create a traditional wedding gift with a modern twist. Glue silver gems on clear glass or use silver glitter to write "Happy 25th Anniversary" on the side. Use stencils to perfect the look. Choose a fancy votive or candle to insert into the holder.

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