English Teaching Worksheets for Secondary Schools

Updated April 17, 2017

In teaching secondary English, many worksheet options are available to help students understand the subject matter. Though the process of using worksheets as educational tools is sometimes misconstrued as demonstrating a lack of creativity, this is not true. Teachers use or create their own worksheets not only to enhance instruction, but because worksheets are effective tools for teaching all language arts subject matters on the secondary level.


Grammar is a broad topic with a multitude of options. The variety of worksheets covering parts of speech, for instance, are vast since the eight parts of speech can be taught separately or in conjunction with one another. Grammar also includes sentence structure and punctuation which can both be taught using one worksheet, since punctuation is a key element in creating a proper sentence.

Literary Elements

The host of literary elements used in poetry, prose, fiction and non-fiction can all be explained and practised through the use of worksheets. One graphic organiser worksheet type lists the literary elements which will be covered in a lesson. Next to each listed element, two additional squares are to be filled in by the students as they define and give an example for that particular element. Other worksheets allow for analysing and making connections between various literary elements.


Reading worksheets on the secondary level can be either acquired with a classroom set of reading materials or be teacher generated. As a learning tool for reading comprehension, worksheets can be used to focus on specific passages or reading skills, such as interpreting the text. Reading worksheets help highlight specific events, characters and plot elements in novels, helping students gain a greater understanding of the material.


Worksheets focused on vocabulary are used to teach new words and help students use them effectively in different ways. Create a worksheet listing vocabulary words and have students define each word and use it in a sentence. Student-created vocabulary worksheets can allow students to make their own worksheets focusing on words they are unfamiliar with.

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