Psalm 23 Crafts for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Psalm 23 carries the message that God cares deeply for us and desires to lead and comfort us all our lives. This message is important for children to learn. Crafts help teachers, group leaders and parents to instil that message of love in the minds and hearts of kids. Adults can read the verses with children as they work on crafts that focus on the main points in this scripture.

Shepherd's Comforting Arms

Cut an 8-inch circle from card stock paper for each of the children. Have the kids cut a slit from the edge to the centre of the circle. Roll the circle into a cone shape and tape the seam with clear tape. Cut a 12-inch circle from burlap. Place a wad of paper in the centre of the burlap circle. Gather the "neckline" and tie a piece of twine loosely around the neck area. Place the head over the paper cone, letting the remainder of the burlap drape down over the cone to look like a shepherd's cloak. Have the kids cut a strip of burlap and wrap it around a chenille stem to form arms and hands. Use a cool glue gun to attach the covered chenille stem to the back of the "shepherd." Bend the arms toward the front of the shepherd. Have the kids glue craft eyes, yarn hair and a felt mouth on the face of the shepherd. Glue a cotton ball between the two hands to represent a sheep the shepherd is gently holding.

Yarn-Wrap Sheep

Have the kids choose a colourful plastic egg and a ball of yarn. Open the egg and place an end of the yarn into the crack of the egg. Close the egg to hold the yarn. The kids should wrap the yarn around and around the egg until it is totally covered with yarn. The kids can also glue craft eyes, felt ears and mouth and a felt or yarn tail. If desired, the kids can also glue four craft foam rectangles onto the sheep for legs.

Green Pastures Plant

Let the kids paint a scene of green grass and a blue stream on the outside of a clay pot. Fill each pot with soil. Press some grass seed into the soil and sprinkle lightly with water. In a few days, the children will see the grass growing. Read the verses that mention green pastures and still waters. Discuss God's care in relationship to soft green grass and still waters.

Shepherd's Staff

God's rod and staff comfort us, according to the verses in Psalm 23. Have the kids write the corresponding sentence from the verse onto several strips of paper. Provide chenille stems and plastic craft beads. The kids should slip beads over a stem until it is filled. Bend the stem at each end to hold the beads in place. Curve the top end of the craft to form a staff (a candy cane shape). The kids can tape a verse onto each staff. Encourage the kids to make several staffs and give them to friends.

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