Ideas for decorating wedding arches

Updated April 17, 2017

The wedding arch, or in Jewish tradition the chuppah, forms the centrepiece for the wedding ceremony, as the couple stands beneath the arch to exchange their vows and become husband and wife. The decorations of the arch should follow the tone and theme of the wedding and the wedding ceremony. The arch will appear in many of your wedding photos so adding decorations to it will be key.


Hanging fabrics from the arch can help to soften the look of it as well as give it a light and whimsical look. Wrap light and soft fabrics, such as a tulle or organza, around the arch so the arch resembles a floating and light cloud of material. The way you tie and position the fabric can create a variety of effects. Tie down the fabric in sections to create a bubbling effect or let it drape freely and blow in the wind, creating a cascading effect.


Wind fake or real green vines around the sides and the top of the arch for a whimsical, garden feel. Weave flowers into the vines for a bright burst of colour and to add to the garden effect. Choose flowers from your wedding palette to complement other aspects of the decorations and/or the bridal party's attire. Position the flowers at the base of the two sides and a burst in the centre, or continue them consistently around the entire arch.


Hang faux autumn leaves from the arch, creating an eye-catching burst of fall foliage colours, which would be ideal and fitting for a fall wedding. Decorate the arch in the winter or Christmas spirit by incorporating poinsettia flowers and sparkling Christmas ornaments into the arch. Hang the ornaments from the arch itself. Intermix the ornaments with hanging crystal snowflakes around the arch.


For an Asian-inspired or garden wedding, hang mini paper lanterns from the arch that will be bright and colourful and still cast a soft glow onto the bridal couple below. Hang crystal candle holders with lit teal lights inside from the archway to illuminate the setting with whimsical and gentle light. Wind white Christmas lights around the arch to light up the entire area with twinkling white lights, ideal for a dusk or night wedding.

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