Gift Ideas for Dads 60th Birthday

Updated March 16, 2017

A 60th birthday is a time for celebration. When your father turns 60 you have the opportunity to celebrate his life and what he means to you. It is a time to recognise him as a wise person who has experienced many things in his life while looking forward to what the future has in store for him. As you consider what to give your dad for his 60th birthday, think about the kinds of things that interest him.

Round of Golf

If your father likes to play golf, purchase a round of golf for him at a nice golf course. If you play golf, you could join him on the course so that you two can spend time together. If you do not play golf, you could purchase several rounds of golf for him so that he can use the gift tokens to play with his friends. In addition, consider giving him a new golf club, golf bag or a box of golf balls.


A nice wrist or pocket watch is a good way to commemorate a special occasion. Your dad might appreciate a watch that he can wear to work or to nice events. Consider getting the watch engraved with your dad's birth date and the date of his 60th birthday. When your dad wears the watch and checks the time, he will likely think of you and appreciate your thoughtful gift.


Electronics are often good gifts for fathers who seem to have everything. Giving your dad a nice computer is a very generous gift that will certainly be useful to him. You could purchase a laptop for him or even a tablet computer such as an Apple iPad. Your dad could use the tablet to check his e-mail, surf the Internet and even read electronic books. If you do not want to purchase a whole computer for your father, you could give him an electronic book reader, such as a Kindle or a Nook.


If you are feeling particularly extravagant, you could take your father on a trip somewhere. Take him to a vacation destination that he has always shown interest in visiting or you could take him to a vacation spot that he has previously visited and enjoyed. You may want to involve other people in this gift, like your siblings, your mother or your father's siblings. You and a group of people could take the trip with your father to celebrate his birthday with him.

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