Homemade Anniversary Presents from Kids

Updated November 21, 2016

To celebrate your parents' upcoming anniversary, you may want to make a special homemade gift. Fortunately, thoughtful homemade anniversary gifts comprise a variety of ideas, including a gift basket filled with items that both mom and dad would enjoy, photo gifts like a homemade scrapbook, or a framed personalised poem.

Anniversary Gift Basket

Make your parents a homemade gift basket as a thoughtful and practical anniversary present. All you need is a basket (tote bags, buckets and tubs can be used as well) and items to put in it. Some items that could be included in the anniversary gift basket are his and hers bathrobes, baked goods, crackers and cheese, a gift token to a restaurant both of your parents enjoy or cinema tickets.

Coupon Book

A coupon book is a great gift for your parents on their anniversary, and can be made from home easily and inexpensively. First, decide what coupons to give your parents. These might include "I'll do the dishes for a week" or "I'll wash both of your cars" coupons. Any thoughtful action that you think your parents would appreciate can be given via the coupon book. To create the book, write the gift actions onto plain white or construction paper, then staple the pages together.

Homemade Photo Gifts

Make your parents homemade photo gifts from a variety of family photos. One idea is to make a frame specifically to hold their wedding photo. To begin, purchase an unfinished picture frame from a craft store. Decorate the frame with paint, stickers, buttons or other embellishments before framing the wedding photo in it. Other homemade photo gifts include a scrapbook or photo album, or having a picture taken of yourself and/or your siblings and framing it for your parents.

Flowers in a Painted Pot

Flowers make lovely anniversary gifts and, when placed in a painted pot, can also make thoughtful ones. Purchase a plain flowerpot from a home improvement store, as well as potting soil and flower seeds or bulbs. Paint the pot with tempera paint in any design. Craft stores sell a variety of stencils if you don't feel comfortable with your drawing skills. Once the pot is painted and dry, set the soil and flower seeds or bulbs into the pot and give it to your parents for their anniversary.

Anniversary Poem

Write your parents an anniversary poem that explains how much you love and respect them. Poems come in many forms, lengths and styles. They don't have to be perfect or even to rhyme. To make the poem even more special, use markers or calligraphy pens to write it in your best handwriting on a nice piece of paper or card stock. Frame the handwritten poem and give it as a gift for your parents to treasure.

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