What flowers bloom in the month of May

Written by k.c. morgan | 13/05/2017
What flowers bloom in the month of May
Garden flowers in bloom in May. (garden image by memorialphoto from Fotolia.com)

May and flowers are synonymous -- the source of children's rhymes and gardeners' dreams. But your garden plans can easily be shattered by cantankerous blossoms that just don't bloom when you want them to. Before you plant, know the expected results: learn what flowers bloom in the month of May, and design your garden accordingly.


What flowers bloom in the month of May
The liclac has a very short blooming season in May. (lilac image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.com)

Many flowering shrubs begin to bloom in May, and lilacs are no exception. In most regions of the UK, lilac blooms will begin to appear around mid-month. Lilacs are known for their large, fragrant blossoms. Though beautiful, the blooms are short-lived, thriving only for two to three weeks. Gardeners compensate by planting early, mid and late-May blooms. Lilac bushes, when well-cared-for, may live for up to one hundred years. The flowers bloom in a variety of colours depending on soil quality and climate. Blooms may be white, violet, blue, lilac, pink, magenta or purple. Seeds may also be purchased to produce specific colours of lilac blooms.

Lily of the Valley

What flowers bloom in the month of May
Lily of the valley in full bloom. (lily of the valley image by Olena Turovtseva from Fotolia.com)

Lily of the valley flowers, also called May bells, bloom in small, bell-like blossoms. White or pink, lily of the valley flowers are popular for weddings. Small shoots appear on the stems in early spring, which become blooming flowers through the month of May. By September, red berries begin to appear. Lily of the valley grows in well-drained, sandy soil. The plant prefers moist soil, so check the ground around lily of the valley every few days for dryness. Lily of the valley should be initially planted in September.


What flowers bloom in the month of May
Peony flower blooms. (peony image by ChristArt from Fotolia.com)

Many-petalled peony flowers begin blooming, in most areas of the UK, in mid-may. Blooms last for one to six weeks after flowering begins. The peony plant grows 60 cm to 1.2 m (2 to 4 feet) tall. The taller, double-petal varieties of peonies may need support because the large blooms can be very heavy. Peony flowers like lots of sun and well-drained soil. Flowers bloom in white, pink, red and a wide variety of purples.

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