Homemade gifts for my daughter in law's wedding shower

Updated April 17, 2017

Welcoming a new daughter-in-law to your family can be an exciting experience, and creating a homemade gift for her wedding shower can be a way to show her how glad you are to have her in the family. Whether you're including a homemade gift with a purchased one or putting together a gift that stands on its own, tap your family resources and skills to create something meaningful and one-of-a-kind.

Gifts from the Kitchen

Sharing family recipes is a traditional way to welcome new brides into your clan. Gather a collection of favourite family recipes and put together a cookbook or recipe box for your new daughter-in-law. You can keep it simple by writing down recipes on index cards or in a blank book, or opt for a more ambitious project by having a printed book made.

Gifts from the Past

Welcome your new daughter-in-law to the family by helping her get to know your family history. Put together a scrapbook or photo album of your family, including anecdotes and information about family members, like "Great Uncle Joshua was one of the first soldiers to land on the beach at Normandy during WWII" or "Our cousin Sheila is the best person to ask if you're looking for a good deal on something." Be sure to include plenty of photos of your child growing up so that your new daughter-in-law can see her future partner as a toddler and preteen.

Gifts for the Home

If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can create a one-of-a-kind linen closet for your future daughter-in-law. Embroidered linens are a lovely gift, whether you sew them yourself or just add the couple's monogram to purchased sheets, towels and pillowcases. If you've saved a collection of sports jerseys, favourite T-shirts or beloved jeans that belong to your child, chopping them into squares to make a quilt can be a nice way to add a meaningful blanket to your daughter-in-law's home.

Gifts for the Wedding

If you have a special skill that you're willing to share for the upcoming wedding celebration, consider making a gift token offering to help out with that detail for the wedding. If you're an experienced calligrapher, offer to address her invitations or write place cards. If you're a dance instructor, offer to give the wedding party dance lessons before the big day. If you're a knitter, offer to make a shawl to go with her wedding gown. Your future daughter-in-law may appreciate your creative efforts to make the big day even more special.

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