Room Ideas With an Attic Slope

Updated February 21, 2017

A room with an attic slope invites creative decorating ideas. Although the slope, or slant, from the roof limits the room's interior space, the angled wall allows the bedroom designer to make use of the wall in styles that invite interest and inspection, not pity. According to a "House Beautiful" workshop publication on decorating small rooms, positioning furniture under a sloped ceiling or wall maximises use of the room.

Wide Windows

For attic rooms with one sloped wall, fill the sloped side with a large window or a row of windows. If the wall is large enough, install floor-to-ceiling windows for optimum light. Insert in-between blinds, which slip between the two panels of glass, or regular curtains or blinds for privacy. To further decorate the room, and highlight the amount of natural sunlight, fill the room with glass features, like a glass coffee table, glass bedside tables and decorative coloured glass vases. Hang stained glass from the ceiling or ceiling rafters for an extra glimmer.


For attic rooms with two sloped walls, dividing the room in half is often the ideal design route. Because the space is limited and narrow, divide the room in half with a twin or double bed on each side. If you have no use for two beds, add a couch or futon to one half of the room and a full-size bed to the other. Go for symmetry in the rest of the design motif. Hang a painting on the right, hang a similar-shaped painting on the left. Hang a large fern on the left side and a smaller-sized potted plant on the right. Add two matching bedside tables to seal in the symmetry. For painting, you colour the walls the same colour, or you are bold and paint one half of the room blue, for example, and the other half of the room purple.


Add a sofabed on the wall with the attic slope. Make the sofabed like a comfortable, love-seat couch. Fit it with plump, colourful pillows and a blanket, and have a study lamp nearby. If the attic room is small, look for a sofabed with storage underneath. The bottom of the bed can open up like a cabinet or drawer to store clothes, notebooks, appliances or other odds and ends. For a softer look, add curtains to the windows.

Art Space

The sloped ceiling makes an ideal place for hanging art prints, photographs, collages, paintings and other works or art. Decorate the room with original works of art or prints from friends or family. The works do not have to be amazing to go up in the room -- the artwork can even be childhood drawings from years ago or works by your children or your friends' children. Frame the works to add an authentic gallery touch, or leave them natural, just pinned or taped to the wall. Hanging a row or two of metal lights in the room (though not too low) will create a nice glow and illuminate the artwork. For bedding, choosing a low bed and simple bedside tables will create a studio look.

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