Easter display ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Easter is a time for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and this holiday offers a variety of different display ideas. Both religious and secular displays can be used to celebrate this holiday, so consider what type of display is appropriate for your venue. When you are creating a family-friendly environment, avoid imagery that is gory or explicit, instead focusing on the message of hope and rebirth that is part of this holiday.

Personalised Easter Eggs

If you are doing a simple notice board display, cut out numerous egg-shaped pieces of construction paper. Decorate each paper egg using paper, glue, fabric or glitter, and staple it to the board. If you are creating an Easter display for a classroom, allow each child to decorate his own egg. You can also glue pictures of the students in the middle of the egg, or write their names along the bottom of the egg. This is a good way to get some colour onto the display.

Egg Basket Table

When you want a three-dimensional display on a table, start with a simple reed basket. Fill it with sphagnum moss or shredded cellophane and then set boiled, dyed eggs into it. Adorn the handle of the basket with a pretty bow. Surround this simple, colourful centrepiece with flyers about local Easter events and volunteering opportunities. This is an ideal display for a church foyer or for a library table. If you are decorating a library table, place children's books about Easter around the basket.

Following Jesus

While celebrating Easter as a Christian, it is important to remember that following the teachings of Jesus is a part of the holiday. Create a display of a school of fish being lead by the ichthys, or the "Jesus fish." You can create individual fish that are following the ichthys, or you can have each church member or student create her own. Encourage them to make their fish different and unique, but point out that each fish is still following the teachings of Jesus.

Empty Cave

One of the most important aspects of the Easter story is the fact that the tomb of Jesus is empty and that he was resurrected. Create a rolling hillside out of green construction paper on your notice board and then use brown and black paper to create an empty cave. On one of the hills in the background, place an empty cross. Write a message across the top reminding the viewers that Jesus is not in the cave, because he has risen.

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