How much does it cost to have something notarized?

Updated February 21, 2017

While celebrities are often hunted down for their signatures to make a fan’s day, notary publics are also sought for their signatures. Notary publics are trained professionals who have completed coursework in notarization, the act of evaluating and signing paperwork. It may sound unusual to pay to have someone simply sign your papers, but notary publics signify a document’s value, and in some cases are required.


Paying for notarization can vary widely depending on the state where the document is being notarised. Since notary fees are by the page, they can really add up. The Punny Money website cites Illinois, Minnesota, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Wisconsin as the best deals, a dollar per page or under. Among the highest per-page rates are the states of Washington, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Michigan, Florida and California, which all charge £6 per page.

Student Discounts

College students may receive discounted or even free notary services, depending on their school. Many universities have at least one on-duty notary in the student centre, admissions office or registrar's office. The University of California at Irvine’s registrar charges £6 to notarise diplomas, transcripts and verifications, but its website notes that the service is restricted to students and alumni. Notary services for students at Georgia Tech are free.

Bank on It

Before paying any notary public fees, check with your local bank. Some banks, such as Penn Liberty Bank with multiple locations in Pennsylvania, offer completely free notarization services to banking customers. Visit your bank’s online website and type “notary” or “notarization” into the search box, or look under the “services” section of the website. Other possible options are the AAA road service group, which does free notarization for its premiere members, and shipping and packaging stores, which charge a fee.

What Needs Notarization

Documents requiring notarization often revolve around business transactions, such as real estate paperwork, affidavits and company sales. In some cases, college diplomas and transcripts or wedding certificates, birth certificates and adoption papers may also require notarization.

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