Food ideas for a wedding anniversary party

Updated July 20, 2017

Food plays a large part with most events, and making menu choices often becomes an arduous task. In order to choose what to serve, pick a theme for the anniversary and base the menu on that theme. The theme can be anything your imagination desires, but ideally should be based on something that pertains to the couple celebrating their anniversary. Once the theme has been chosen, the menu can be finger foods or a formal dinner.

Honeymoon Theme

Basing the event on the couple's honeymoon can be a great idea for the menu and food choices. It will also recall fond memories for the couple, since the venue can be decorated to reflect the region where they honeymooned. The menu can be created from dishes popular for that country or favourite foods the couple tried during their time there. For example, if the couple took a honeymoon to France, then the menu could include foods like foie gras, coq au vin and creme brulee.

Personal Style

The couple celebrating may not be comfortable with a formal party, so the event can be based on the couple's lifestyle and personality. For those who are more informal, an anniversary meal of BBQ or a potluck buffet could set the mood. Those who prefer a formal setting may appreciate a sit-down dinner that serves up a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings, or seafood assortment offering lobster, scallops and shrimp.

Ethnic Theme

An ethnic theme makes for an interesting menu when planning an anniversary party. Choosing foods commonly found from the couple's ethnic backgrounds makes for a special treat for the couple and all the guests. If they come from two different cultures then choose foods from each to add even more variety to the events menu. Don't forget to include desserts and refreshments that are popular for the region.

Reception Recreation

Give the anniversary meal a touch of nostalgia by recreating the menu of the foods served at the wedding reception. If the original menu was a bit on the plain side, dress the dishes up by revising the recipes. As an example, if roast chicken was served, then serve rosemary roasted chicken. Since an anniversary should be a feast to celebrate many years together, substitute wine, usually served at the wedding reception, with champagne.

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