Table decoration ideas for a wedding reception

Written by laura werner | 13/05/2017
Table decoration ideas for a wedding reception
Spring flowers add grace and class to any table. (Banquet Table With Grass Centerpieces on Plates image by NorthEnder from

Finding table decorations for your wedding reception that do not break your budget is easy if you take into consideration the four seasons. The timing of your wedding can play nicely into the colours and themes of your wedding. Using the colours of food, candy or well-known seasonal activities will make creating your centrepieces much easier. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy your decorations, and no one needs to know how much you spent on them.

Fall-Themed Tables

Table decoration ideas for a wedding reception
Place different-coloured pumpkins and squash around your reception venue. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Use colourful leaves as name cards by using a permanent marker to write names on them. Buy pumpkins from a farmer in bulk. Hollow out pumpkins and carve faces or the couple's names in them. Carve small circles in straight lines down the sides at equal intervals. Place candles on the inside and replace the tops. Sprinkle candy corn around the pumpkins. Or, hollow out the pumpkins and fill them with fall-coloured leaves or mums. Hollow out apples and place tea lights inside and place around the filled pumpkins. Use woven cornucopias and fill them with fruits of the season. Lay coloured leaves around the tables. Arrange dried corn stalks around the reception venue.

Winter-Themed Table Decorations

Table decoration ideas for a wedding reception
Incorporate pine branches into your decorations. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Dangle icicle lights around your reception venue. Hang large paper-cut snowflakes around the room. Use candy canes places in a large glass bowl with straight sides. Hang the candy canes so that the hooks are sticking out of the bowl. Tie red ribbons around the bowl. Use as centrepieces. Make poppers to decorate your tables in silver, gold, red or green. Use ice sculptures or large blocks of ice with pictures, fruit or flowers frozen in them on top of a series of silver bowls to catch the melted ice for centrepieces.

Spring-Themed Table Decorations

Table decoration ideas for a wedding reception
Use a basket or vase filled with coloured eggs as a centrepiece. (Martin Poole/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Use potted plants and gardening tools to add flair to your tables. Chinese bamboo arranged in a square vase with ribbon tied around the vase is simple and delicate. Use umbrellas and twinkle lights to create rain. Place a rainbow on the wall with a pot of gold underneath. Use chocolate-covered coins spread on the table. Use dyed eggs to write name cards. Spread plastic grass on the table and place a small pot of tulips, daffodils or hyacinths in the middle.

Summer-Themed Table Decorations

Table decoration ideas for a wedding reception
Grapes come in a variety of colours. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Pace beach umbrellas around your venue. Place sunglasses on the table settings to hold name cards. Use large square vases and fill them with summer fruit. Hollow out peaches and place tea lights inside. Use a watermelon as a vase to arrange flowers for a centrepiece. Cover your chairs in a rainbow pattern. Use a parachute to cover your tables. Make a hot air balloon centrepiece. Fill a small basket with flowers. Tie strings from each of the corners of the basket to one comer of a square piece of lightweight fabric. Place a helium-filled balloon under the fabric to lift the fabric, forming the hot air balloon.

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