Bed canopies & tents for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Bedtime can be fun for kids with the different versions of bedding decor available. Whether you have a little girl who wants to feel like a fairy princess with a ruffled canopy bed top, or a young boy that likes camping out in a bed tent, the options to create one-of-a-kind rooms for kids are endless.


Bed canopies can add a whimsical effect to any child's room and add privacy at the same time. Both partial and full bed canopies can provide a cosy sleep area where kids will enjoy spending time. Bed top canopies can be bought in many stores and online in a variety of colours and patterns. With a little initiative, you can also easily make your own bed canopy.

Quick Ideas

By installing four ceiling hooks at each of the bed's four corners and draping a sheer or lightweight fabric from each hook, you can create an instant bed canopy for your child. Crown canopies are also easy. Just hang a cornice board on the wall at the foot of the bed and decorate with several layers of fabric. For a princess effect, try mixing white and pink sheer fabrics. Boys will appreciate a more masculine pattern such as camouflage, trucks or sports themes.

Something Different

For another fast and easy do-it-yourself bed canopy, you can use a colourful Indian sari to brighten up any child's room. To hang, install a suspended dowel or curtain rod from the ceiling over the middle area of the bed. Then drape the material across the head and foot of the bed. Most saris are the perfect size for a bed canopy. With edges already finished, they also make the project much easier than using store-bought fabric.

Indoor Camping

Bed tents are also another popular item for young children and can be found in a variety of sizes, colours and themes. According to, the new versions of kid's bed tents are made of nylon fabric like real tents, but are much easier to assemble, requiring just one person. With thick plush bedding built in on the bottom, today's bed tents are not only fun for children to sleep in, but comfortable as well.

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