Differences Between Noblet Leblanc Clarinet Models

Updated April 17, 2017

The clarinet was invented in 1700 by a German named J.C. Denner. It was modelled on an instrument called a chalumeau which was played by shepherds. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument usually used in a symphony orchestra or in a jazz ensemble. It was commonly used in jazz until the middle of the 20th century when the saxophone became more popular.

Types of Clarinets

There are a variety of different types of Noblet Leblanc clarinet models. There are soprano clarinets such as the The Noblet L45EF and the Leblanc 45C Noblet C Clarinet, bass varieties such as the Noblet 60 Bb Wood Bass Clarinet and the Leblanc L60 Noblet Bass Clarinet and alto clarinets such as the Noblet 60N Paris Alto Clarinet.


Noblet Leblanc Soprano, Bass and Alto clarinets all have different looks and features. The soprano clarinet which is also called an A or B flat clarinet is twice as long as a recorder and has nickel-plated keys. The Noblet bass clarinets are longer and end in a hand-hammered bell. The keys may be nickel or silver. The alto or tenor clarinet is sized in between the soprano and bass clarinet although it looks more similar to the bass. All Noblet Leblanc clarinets are made from granadilla wood.

Tone, Range and Sound

There is a difference between the different tone, range and sound of the various Noblet Leblanc clarinets. The soprano clarinets sound one step lower than the notes that are written down on the sheet music; the alto clarinet sounds a major sixth lower than written out and the bass clarinet is pitched one octave below the soprano clarinet.


Price, of course, is a major difference between Noblet Leblanc clarinet models. Most Noblet Leblanc clarinets are found on online stores, as of 2011. On Shopwiki, for example, prices start around £568 for a Bb demo model and rise progressively higher: £714.3 for a Leblanc Noblet Model 4K Bb Soprano Clarinet, £1,351.30 for a Leblanc Noblet L45EF Eb Clarinet, £3,086.8 for a Noblet 60 Bb Wood Bass Clarinet and £4,624.7 for a Leblanc L60 Noblet Bass Clarinet.

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