50th wedding anniversary party dessert ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The 50th wedding anniversary is also called the golden anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary, people often throw parties that are focused around a gold theme. Since the wedding cake is traditional for a wedding, anniversary parties often feature cakes or other dessert items to help guests remember that special wedding day. When hosting or throwing a 50th anniversary party, you can stick with a traditional cake or offer guests something more unique for dessert.

Traditional Wedding-Style Cake

Many people who throw 50th wedding anniversary parties choose to recreate the bride and groom's original wedding cake. This sentimental tie-in allows the couple, as well as any guests who were present for their wedding, to remember that aspect of their special day. If you want to keep the same cake and style but modernise it and update it to reflect the golden anniversary theme, use gold ribbon and a gold tablecloth to present the cake in a special way. You could also decorate the top of the wedding cake with a golden bride and groom statue.


If you want to offer a different dessert than a traditional cake but don't want to stray too far, cupcakes might be your best option. Cupcakes are a modern twist on the traditional tiered wedding cake. As the cupcakes' base, you could use the same type of cake, whether it's lemon, chocolate, vanilla or another flavour, as was served on the couple's wedding day. Decorate the cupcakes or the table setting to showcase the gold theme. For example, use gold-coloured frosting on the cupcakes or bake them in golden cupcake liners.

Gold Chocolates

If you're serving a large meal at the party, you may wish to offer guests a simple, light dessert that satisfies their sweet tooth. Either purchase gold chocolates or, as a more budget-friendly option, buy edible gold items, like stars or sprinkles, to decorate your own chocolates with. Take the themed dessert a step further by making small gold cards for the table that name them after the bride and groom's favourite chocolates.

Bride and Groom's Favorite Desserts

Since the anniversary party is celebrating the bride and groom, consider serving each of their favourite desserts. Whether you end up serving pies, cakes, brownies, cookies, chocolates or any other dessert option, the couple will be pleased that you thought of their unique tastes. Guests will also enjoy consuming a dessert different than the norm. To tie in the gold theme, decorate the table the desserts are arranged on with gold-coloured cloths, or serve them on gold plates with gold napkins. You could also wrap desserts contained in a large pan, like pies, with gold ribbons.

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