Sweet Things to Do for Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

You should always be nice to your girlfriend, but on her birthday, it's a good idea to be a little extra nice. In order to do something special for her, you have to know what she specifically enjoys, but there are some general guidelines that you can follow to help you make her birthday an extra special one.

Breakfast In Bed

Wake up early and make her favourite breakfast. Even if it's just cereal and juice, serving her shows that you care, and it gets her day off to a great start. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday and tell her that you love her. If you've got a little gift to give her, you might also want to bring it out on the tray to add a personal birthday touch.

Give Her Flowers

Many women love getting flowers, and if your girlfriend is one of these women, then her birthday is a great day to show her that you love her by giving her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Make sure you know which flowers she likes, but if you don't know, try to ask her subtly long before her birthday arrives so that it will still be a surprise.

Touch Her

Touching is a great way to show affection, and on her birthday, you'll want to be extra affectionate. Be sure to give her massages, cuddle as much as she wants to and kiss her a lot. Let her know how loved she is and how special she is to you.

Go Out on the Town

Let her choose a place to go out for dinner. It's nice to get out of the house, and eating out is a great way to spend bonding time together. If she wants to go somewhere fancy, be sure to dress nice and wear whatever cologne or perfume she likes best. Make her feel comfortable and tell her that she can order whatever she wants. Make her feel like today is really her day.

Use Your Words

Remind her, on this special day, how happy you are that she was born. Stick love notes or poems in her lunch bag or coat pockets. Text her or call her throughout the day to tell her that you love her and you can't wait to see her. It is important to use discretion here, however. Don't bother her if she's busy, and don't smother her.

Give Her a Gift

Find out what she's been wanting long before her birthday, and try your best to get it for her. If you're unsure of what to get her, consider jewellery. Study her current jewellery collection to get a feel for her tastes. If you want to get serious with her, consider getting a promise ring. Refrain from getting cheap or fake jewellery, though. If you can't afford nice, real jewellery, consider getting her something else.

Dedicate a Song to Her

Call her favourite radio station and tell them that it's your girlfriend's birthday. Ask if they'll play one of her favourite songs, or think of a love song to dedicate to her. Make sure she's listening, either at work, or on her way to work.

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