Ideas for Decorating Church Windows for a Wedding

Church weddings are a traditional and classic choice for a bride and groom. Most churches, whether old or new, will contain large windows with some architectural detail. Adding additional detail to church windows should be done tastefully and elegantly so the current detail does not compete with a decoration. Prior to planning the decorations, check with church officials to verify their decoration policy.


Candles add a warm, personal touch to any room. Place votive candles along the windowsill. Depending on the length of the sill, you can place one single candle in the centre, or line the sill with several votives of candles. Night weddings will reflect candles better than weddings during the day because the flickering light will reflect off the window panes. Reflection will add romance and a personal touch to a night wedding. In addition, a flickering candle will help draw interest to any ornate detailing around the windows. Churches may not allow candles to burn; therefore, have backups of battery-operated candles just in case.


Flowers are a typical wedding necessity and help bring the wedding colours into the decorations. Place a single stem flower in a tall vase on windowsills that have ornate detailing. Windows with minimal detailing can contain a bouquet of flowers for the windowsill. In addition, larger window displays can be in vases or a low arrangement so it cascades down the windowsill. Avoid flower colours that contrast with heavy window colouring, such as bright pink flowers on a burgundy or dark green windowsill. Use plants or greenery to help bring romance to the church for windows that already contain too much detail and colour.

Ribbon Bows

Ribbons are a common church decoration, particularly at the end of pews. Continue the ribbon decor from the pews to the windows by hanging large bows from the windowsills or the top of the window frame. Bows help reflect the colours of the wedding, but, like flowers, you do not want the ribbon to clash with an existing stationary colour on the window. Use ribbon bows in conjunction with another decoration, such as flowers or battery-operated candles.


Tulle, like ribbon, is a trendy church decoration. Unlike ribbon, tulle is sheer and lightweight. Drape tulle across a window frame in a white or glitter shade to add romance and elegance to bland windows. Place a battery-operated candle on the windowsill, and drape the tulle slightly above so the candlelight flickers off the tulle, which works especially well for night weddings. Create a large bow out of tulle and place flowers in the centre for a spring or summer wedding.

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