List of Jobs for Kids 12 & Older

Updated November 21, 2016

While the child labour laws prevent children under 16 years of age to have full-time employment in the United States, there are jobs kids age 12 and older can do to earn money. These may be summer jobs, or after-school jobs that kids can have to add to their savings, buy Christmas gifts or earn money for things they want to buy. Jobs also teach kids about hard work and responsibility.

Pet or Child Care

Pet care may include pet sitting, helping train their neighbour's dog, dog walking, giving pet baths and grooming, or playing with a neighbour's dogs while the neighbour is out for the day. Not only will the pets have the ability to be entertained while their owners are away, but the kids can also earn extra money. Child care is another popular option for older kids who are good at babysitting younger children.

Yard Work

Kids can ask around their neighbourhood for yard work jobs, which would typically include raking leaves, mowing lawns, watering flowers and plants, trimming hedges and pulling weeds. Kids may also help out with gardening if they have a green fingers and an interest in flowers and vegetable gardening. Wages would ideally depend on either the type of job being performed or the hours spent working.


Older kids who are intelligent, patient and knowledgeable in certain subjects may find it rewarding to tutor younger children or even their peers. Each child excels in a specific area, so that child might want to help others in her field of expertise. Tutoring wages would vary by the number hours spent tutoring. The child can tutor after school in class, in the library or at home.

Washing Cars

Washing cars is a task many adults would rather not do, so kids' asking around for this type of work may be beneficial to both children and adults. Gas stations and other places offering car washes charge about £3 and up per car for a basic car wash, so that would be a good wage to start with. Car washing can be done after school, on the weekends or on spring or summer break. Washing cars may include detail work as well, if the worker knows how to do it properly.

Gift Wrapping

During the holidays, department stores and malls often hire workers to do gift wrapping, which may pay between £3 and £6 per gift. This is a job children age 12 and older can easily do from their home. Have your children go around to the neighbours they know and trust around November and inquire about possible gift-wrapping duties. They could also set flyers out in the neighbourhood announcing their ability to gift wrap during the holiday season.

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