Easy-Sew Pajamas for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Pajama bottoms are comfortable and kids love to wear them. Instead of buying ready made pyjamas, you can easily sew them at home, using the fabric material and prints of your choice. Hand sewn pyjamas are cheaper, durable and very easy to make if you have the correct size measurements.

Choosing the Fabric

Flannel, pure cotton or other soft, breathable materials are preferred for children. For older children, you can opt for a silky fabric. Ask your child to select the colours and prints so she can participate in the sewing of the pyjamas, making them more special. You will need about 1 1/2 yards of fabric for making pajama trousers, depending on the child. You can also use fabric scraps and make a patchwork design instead of using a single print fabric. Preshrink the fabric, if needed, before cutting it to ensure the correct finish size.

Making the paper pattern

A well-made paper pattern will assist you in cutting pyjamas. Use plain brown paper to draw the front and back pattern, Measure and mark the length and width of the pyjamas legs and add 3/4-inch seam allowances to the crotch and the sides. If you are marking measurements using an old pair of pyjamas then turn them inside out, fold one leg inward and lay them flat on the paper. Smooth the fabric and trace out one leg of the trousers on the paper. Mark the folded size so you can fold the fabric accordingly before cutting. Add 2 inches for the waistband and 1 inch for the bottom hem. Repeat with the back side. When you have the pattern pieces traced and marked, cut them out and lay flat on your fabric, attach with pins. Check the fabric grain then cut out two pieces of each pattern. Sew together the pieces as marked on the pattern.

Adding the Finishes

Once you have cut out the basic pattern, you can add pockets, side slits or some gathers near the ankles to create a pretty design, especially for girls. Once you learn the cutting and sewing of a basic pajama pattern, it can be easily modified. You can add a patchwork design on the front of the pyjamas, personalise them with cut-out letters or even add fabric paint effects. Add a funky drawstring instead of casing a plain elastic band at the waist to make it more interesting.

Recycling Old Pajamas

Old pyjamas can be easily recycled into shorts or cropped trousers by adding frilly gathers at the ankles or cutting and hemming off the pajama bottom. You can cut off your own pyjamas to fit your child, using the basic pajama pattern. Cut off pieces from old pairs of pyjamas and stitch them together to create a one-of-a-kind patchwork pajama bottoms.

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