Dad Birthday Card Messages

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthday messages for dads can range from serious to humorous, depending on the relationship between the two people. Sometimes it takes a special holiday, like a birthday, to let the dad in our life know just how important he is. A birthday message comes from the heart, and can show love, appreciation, thanks and admiration.

Thank you

Financial help, being an active listener and sharing heartfelt advice are reasons to thank a dad on his birthday. Birthday messages filled with gratitude are special if you pinpoint specific examples. Even if the card's message simply states: "Thank you for always being there. Happy birthday, Dad" you can elaborate by writing about the things you have and the events and moments you two share because of his love for you.


Tell dad you love him and all the reasons why he is unique and special. Children can draw a picture of themselves and their dad sharing time together or write a poem about how wonderful their dad is to have around. Handcrafted cards, with a special inscription of love from you on the inside, show special thought was put into the card. Simply stating, "I love you, Dad. Happy birthday" is a touching gift in itself.


Children look up to their dads for many reasons --- they are the hero who takes monsters out of the closet and always have the best advice. Have a child express the ways in which they admire their father. An older child can write about how the dad's life lessons have shaped his own life. Dads with admirable qualities, such as being honest, patient and giving, for example, can be given a card with the message: "I admire you sincerely and love you dearly."

Funny and Lighthearted

Some dads are not the serious type and children can relate to them better with a funny birthday message. Reference the dad who could always be found in his favourite chair watching television, for example, with a saying like, "I can always count on you dad .... Being right where the TV remote is!" In keeping with the lighthearted mood, write about a funny yet lesson-filled moment the two of you shared and tell dad that moments like these are not forgotten.


When you feel obligated to send a card out of respect, generic birthday cards are best. Send a short message, such as "I'm thinking about you on your special day" or "I hope you have a wonderful year." These kinds of messages are generic and do not relay private or significant feelings from the sender, other than saying happy birthday.

Like a Dad

Step dads and other men who act as fathers deserve a special birthday message. These men, despite biological differences, have stepped up and filled the role of a dad in one or many ways. When purchasing a card for this kind of dad, the overall message is "Like a dad to me" and should convey the appreciation you feel, the love you experience and the thankful heart you have as a result of his dad-like qualities. In addition, include your own heartfelt sentiments that detail just how much you celebrate the day he was born.

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