MBA Project Topics

Updated April 17, 2017

Earning your master of business administration (MBA) degree takes hard work and dedication. Depending on your course of study, choosing an MBA project topic can be a challenging task. Because topics can cover a variety of areas, narrowing your search and ideas can help you get a clear focus. Whether it's finance and marketing, or human resources and business, you can consider many topics.


As the finance world continues to change, staying up to date with changes and trends is a good way to approach project topics. These topics can include industry analysis, company analysis on a scenario basis, growth potential, and credit analysis and debt management. These topics focus on an individual company or a particular industry. If you want to focus on new businesses or how to expand and improve growth, you can suggest topics such as project finance as an instrument for outgrowth, creating value through financial management or primal analysis to valuate earnings quality.


Understanding the marketing world is a key to any business. Brand positioning and advertising are popular themes. Project topics in this field tend to be research-based. You have to know and learn the markets before you can adapt your business to market needs. Project topics can be based on customer data analysis, study of institutional markets and the effectiveness of promotion schemes. Topics can be geared toward surveys and competition analysis. Because markets vary, customer loyalty and market trends and growth can always be updated and studied. Other ideas can include social and environment marketing.

Human Resources

This field of study has become increasing popular in recent years. As this field grows, the area in which you focus your studies is expanding, too. Projects in this area of study centre around training and development, induction and orientation, and team management skills training. These areas can be further broken down into topics such as needs evaluation of a manufacturing organisation and different approaches for employee safety and health. Other examples for project topics can focus around employee retention strategies for the financial services industry or leadership styles and analysis of the most suitable style in today’s environment.


Although finance can also be included under the business label, some other areas can be included in your field. Accounting, economics, management and insurance are other popular areas of study. Project topics in this field can range from a study on parameters affecting investment appraisal techniques to a study of foreign institutional investors and their impact on the U.S. stock market. Examples of management project ideas can include best practices for mergers and acquisitions for insurers to achieve a profitable merged company or the due diligence standards for insurers.

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