Primary games for LDS children

Written by crystal smith
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Primary games for LDS children
The LDS church primary teaches children about the Book of Mormon and other doctrines. (the book of Mormon image by palms from

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as Mormons, has a primary program during Sunday worship services for children 3 to 11. The church states that its purpose is to help children learn to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Primary activities include lessons, songs and games to keep the children engaged. Games are generally gospel centred, and teach children about church doctrine, history and values.

Music Games

Learning church primary songs can be made fun with different musical games. Play the first three notes of a song, and see whether the children can guess which one it is. Keep adding a note, and replaying the beginning notes, until they can guess. Another idea is to play "fill in the blank" with songs. Sing a line of a song, but leave out one or two words. Have the children try to sing the line with all of the words in it. Also, taking a line out of context can be a tricky game for the children. Sing or say one line from a song, but don't tell the children which song it's from. Have them guess instead.

The General Authorities

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is led by a living prophet and a quorum of 12 apostles. Learning who these men are is part of the LDS primary program. A matching game, with large pictures of each general authority, and their names on cards, will help teach the children. Place them at random on a board with tacks or magnets, and have the children take turns trying to match one picture to one name. Another idea is to match the images of the presidency to images that depict information about them. For example, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf was an aeroplane pilot. A picture of President Uchtdorf would be matched to a picture of a plane.


Charades is a versatile game that you can use with many gospel lessons in primary. Make sure children put up their hands quietly to answer, to keep the game low key and under control. Older children can come up with their own ideas, while younger children can pick from a hat. Scripture charades can include notable figures or events from the scriptures that the children can act out. Noah's ark or Moses parting the Red Sea. Another idea is to have the children act out reverence actions, such as folding arms during prayer or walking quietly. You can also include non-reverent actions such as running through halls or talking to your neighbour during lesson time.


Divide the group into two teams and bring a large chalkboard or drawing board to the front of the class. You can use Pictionary for almost any lesson and can help children be more engaged when learning. Older children can have harder themes, such as prophets or the Articles of Faith. Younger children can stick to easier things, such as the commandments or primary songs. One theme idea is ways to honour your parents. Ideas could be listening, helping, playing with your brothers and sisters, or giving them a hug.

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