50th-Birthday Gift Ideas for a Brother

Updated April 17, 2017

Siblings generally have a close bond -- and the right 50th-birthday gift should reflect that bond as well as celebrate your brother's milestone moment. Luckily there are plenty of gift options, whether you want to share a memory with your best friend, celebrate your greatest role model or poke fun at your beloved but sometimes annoying rival.

Nostalgia Gifts

Childhood memories you share with your brother can be a great source of gift inspiration. Buy your brother a DVD or Blu-ray box set of a TV show you two used to rush home from to school to watch. Or replace a cherished toy he had when you were kids. Search antique stores and speciality websites for old school lunch boxes featuring his favourite pop-culture character, a vintage action figure from his favourite cartoon or a board game that you enjoyed together as youngsters.

Year in Review Gift Basket

Create a gift basket celebrating the year your brother was born. Include the book that won the Pulitzer prize or the best-selling novel of the year and the record that topped the charts. You can also include a great film that was released the same year. For a more personal touch, frame the local newspaper from the day your brother was born and place it in the basket. Your local library probably has it on microfilm. A fine bottle of wine or scotch from the year is also a nice addition for spirit connoisseurs.

Personalised Presents

Customised comic books are just one of many one-of-a-kind gifts you can have created to celebrate your bother and his special day. Craftsmen can also make action figures and bobble-heads in your brother's likeness. Engraved watches, cuff links and lapel pins make more elegant personalised gifts. Polo shirts, jerseys, golf gear, hats and other athletic swag can be monogrammed with personal slogans, names or initials for sports fans.

Gag Gifts

There is an entire line of "Over the Hill" themed products designed to celebrate 50th birthdays including black balloons and fake gravestones. Comical reading glasses, certificates for burial plots and T-shirts embossed with funny phrases are other gag gift ideas. You can also present your brother with a medicine bottle filled with blue candies masquerading as little blue pills. Just make sure your gift will be interpreted as humorous, not malicious.

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