Rules for pentecostal women

Updated November 21, 2016

Women who are members of the Pentecostal Church abide by laws the Church believes will to keep them from causing sin. Some rules and laws are not outlined in The United Pentecostal Church laws but are specified by the specific church the woman attends. These pertain mostly to wardrobe, including the required length of a skirt or shirt sleeves. Although many of the laws specific to women pertain to wardrobe, there are also laws about them being in certain public places. The following is a list of laws that apply to members of the United Pentocostal Chuch.

Dress and Skirts

Pentecostal women are generally not permitted to wear trousers of any kind, only skirts or dresses. The length of the dress is not specific, however it is usually determined by individual church that the woman attends. This belief is based on the Bible. Deuteronomy 22:5 states that women "shall not wear that which pertaineth unto man." This is interpreted to mean that a woman should not wear anything that belongs to a man, such as trousers.


In Pentecostal belief, jewellery is associated with "a proud attitude" and "an immoral lifestyle, or pagan worship." It is believed that wearing jewellery is sinful because the Pentecostal Church interprets the Bible to say that God does not condone it. The book of Isaiah speaks about Israelis wearing jewellery, or ornaments, God then talks about how he felt the country of Israel committed adultery against him, meaning that he felt they had sinned because they wore jewellery.

Entertainment and Education

Pentecostal women are not allowed to participate in co-ed sports or classes that require them to wear revealing clothing that exposes their body, such as swimming, callisthenics or softball. Women, and all members of the Pentecostal church, are not permitted to watch television or videos, go to the theatre, attend dances or listen to radio programs. It is believed that these activities encourage evil. Pentecostals believe that this is important process for their spirituality because the Lord will soon come back for the people of the Pentecostal church.

Make-up and Hair

It is described in Pentecostal standards that Godly living dictates that women should not cut their hair or wear make-up. It is believed that hair is a woman's veil or covering, and that it should be kept long to identify her as a woman and cover her head. Women are permitted to pluck and shave their hair on their underarms, legs and eyebrows or in an emergency situation for surgery preparation. Women can and often do wear their hair up. Pentecostal women do not wear any kind of make-up because it is believed that this is tempting to men and that only prostitutes wear make up to seduce men.

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