Ideas for a Tile Bathroom Shower

Adding new tile to your shower area gives the bathroom an instant facelift. Whether you have older tiles in the shower that look dirty and dingy or you have simple walls, tiles add more colour to the room. Opt for tiles of the right size as smaller tiles open up a smaller room, and larger tiles help tone down a larger room. Ideas for a tile shower bathroom include ways to make the room look new and different.

Mosaic Shower

A mosaic is essentially a series of different colours and types of tiles arranged haphazardly on the walls. When you make a mosaic, you pick tiles of a similar colouring and break the tiles into different sizes and shapes. A layer of grout is applied to the wall, and the tiles are randomly pressed into the grout and followed with a second layer of grout. To avoid making the room look too busy, use the mosaic tiles as a border around the bathroom. Lay one colour of tile along the bottom section of the wall, and create a mosaic border around the middle. Finish with more neutral-coloured tiles reaching along the upper areas of the walls.

Cool and Calm

Create a relaxing feel in your bathroom by picking tiles in lighter and cooler shades. Spas and resorts use lighter colours like blue and green because they make guests feel more relaxed and calm. Take that idea one step further by adding in glass tiles, opting for translucent shades of green and blue. The colours reflect light around the bathroom, opening up the space and making it feel larger.

Arched Design

Even if you don’t have arches in your home, you can still create your own faux arch look. Pick tiles that match the style and design of your bathroom. Arrange the tiles on the walls, laying the tiles in a rounded or pointed shape near the ceiling. The arrangement immediately draws the eye upward, which makes the ceiling feel taller. Try adding multiple arched areas around the bathroom for a more decorative look.

Dramatic Impression

Darker tiles instantly create a dramatic effect, whether you have a small bathroom or large bathroom. If you’re worried about the dark colours overwhelming the space, mix and match with tiles a few shades darker but still in the same colour family. Dark grout gives the space an even feel that lets the separate tiles blend together. Using white grout helps open up the space and highlights each individual tile.

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