Mother's Day Activities for Sunday School

Updated April 17, 2017

Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May every year and has been celebrated since May 8, 1914, after the resolution for a day dedicated to mothers was signed by President Wilson. It is important to show children the importance of Mother's Day and in honouring their mother. Sunday school classes can begin this lesson early by having the children in their classes make thoughtful gifts for their mothers.


Have each child make a Mother's Day card. Have construction paper, glue, stickers, markers and crayons available. Have them write what they love about their mom and their favourite times together, or write it for them if they are too young, but write exactly what they say. You can have them draw pictures of their favourite activities or even cut out pictures from magazines and glue them on the card. You can include a verse from the Bible on mothers, if you wish to do so.

Picture Frames

Pick up a pack of paper photo frames from your local craft store. As each child comes in, take a Polaroid photo of them or one on a digital camera and print them off. Have each child decorate the picture frame and write things that they love about their mom on it. Once they are finished decorating it, insert the photo of the child into the frame.


Take the children on a walk around your church. Have each child pick a few wildflowers for their mother. Have each child bring in a jar or cup from home or purchase them for the class. Using markers, stickers, paper and glue, have the kids decorate the "vases" for their moms. Include the date on the mug so that it is remembered for many years to come. Once the child is finished decorating the vase, put a small amount of water and the flowers into it so that they can present it to their mom after Sunday school.


Fold a few sheets of white paper into a book and staple them. Have each child decorate the pages telling a story about his mother. Have him write what he loves about his mom, his favourite things that they do together, and how she makes him feel special. Have him draw pictures and include special sayings that his mom might say.

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