Crafts to make with string & hollow balloons

String sculptures can be created for all kinds of occasions. They can accent rooms as decorative art, or they can take on a more crafty flare and become a fun family craft project. All it takes is a little glue, some string or yarn and a few balloons to make something beautiful and fun.

Sparkly Christmas Tree Ornaments

Mix two parts glue with one part water. Blow up a round balloon to the desired size. Use a thick string or yarn in any colour or a variety of colours. Cut a piece of string long enough to wrap around the balloon. Dip the string in the glue. Smooth off excess glue with your fingers. Wrap the string around the balloon. Continue the steps above, crisscrossing the strings until the balloon is covered. Leave a small hole at the top to extract the popped balloon once the glue dries. Sprinkle glitter over the string before the glue dries. Shake off excess glitter. Let the glue dry until the string is stiff. Pop the balloon and extract it from the inside of the string ball. Tie a thin ribbon at the top of the ball to hang from the tree.

Egg Ornaments

Use the same process as above for creating the string ball. Blow a small balloon to the size of an egg. Choose pink, light blue, lavender and yellow strings. Wrap a mix of colours or create solid coloured eggs. Glitter is optional.

String Snowman

Use the same method for making the string balls as in Section 1. Blow up three balloons, increasing in size with each balloon. Wrap each balloon with string separately. Let all of the balls dry. Then glue the balls together one on top of the other, largest to smallest. Use black felt for the eyes and the mouth and orange felt for a carrot nose. Embellish the snowman with a small top hat and scarf that can be purchased at a nearby craft store.

String Candy Dish

Blow up a round balloon. Choose any colour string or a mix of colours. Dip the string in the glue as in Section 1. Wrap it in a circular pattern starting from the round bottom of the balloon. Wrap string about halfway up the balloon in varying colour patterns or all in one colour. Let the string dry completely.

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